Coffee Date


Elizabeth (Syren De Mer) is a mature woman, who is part of an online book club to satisfy her craving for romance. She's been chatting back and forth with a charming man named Nicholas for months, sharing thoughts on the latest erotic novel on their list. Every time she gets a message from Nicholas, she's giddy with affection. She hasn't felt this alive in years, and she's sure it's the beginning of something special.

Most of her flirting with Nicholas happens when she takes her laptop to her favorite coffee shop. It's an inviting place where she can relax with her book while messaging her mystery man. All the while, a young barista, Nicky (Michael Swayze), tends to her caffeine needs. He is a sweet boy, and Elizabeth is always happy to chat with him. She even learns that he's reading the same book she is -- word of popular bestsellers must get around fast in a place like this!

One day, Elizabeth's life takes an exciting and sensual turn when Nicholas finally proposes that they meet up for coffee. Elizabeth's dream of seeing him face-to-face is about to come true, and she can't wait. She's never done anything like this before, but all she can hope for is a fairytale ending... just like the characters in her favorite novels.
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