Company Loyalty


Darla Crane, a longtime secretary for a prestigious company, is preparing for the work day when her young, new boss, Seth Gamble, arrives. He's the son of the boss she worked under for 32 years until he finally retired. With the shakeup in management, she feels like the company is taking a whole new direction and is afraid she might be left behind. Nonetheless, she maintains her professionalism. With a smile and experienced hands, she prepares Seth a cup of coffee, only to be told to follow him into the office.

Darla's heart sinks. Those words and Seth's unfamiliar body language seem to bring her worst fear to life.

She nervously follows Seth into the office where he asks her to sit down as he takes his spot behind the desk across from her. Seth begins the conversation by asking how long she's worked for the company. Darla nostalgically tells him that she's been there since the company was founded -- she was one of the first hires! Yet, when he continues on in a serious tone, talking about how he's been digging into every employee to find out how the company ticks, her stress spikes...

Until he mentions that the company would be lost without her. It's her dedication and loyalty that has been instrumental to the company's success!

Darla can't believe her ears as she sighs with relief, prompting Seth to ask if something is wrong. Although she's embarrassed, she admits that she honestly thought he was firing her! The young boss is shocked -- that wasn't his intention at all! No, he just wanted to give her a little token of appreciation for all of her hard work. He's sorry for scaring her like that.

Darla is elated and touched, saying that it's okay and that he doesn't need to give her anything. Seth insists, admitting that even THIS won't make up for everything she's given them.

Darla's eyes curiously follows him as he produces a thin, black box and reveals a pendant. What makes the pendant extra special is that it's made of the same material from the company's very first shipment.

Darla is absolutely delighted with such a sentimental gesture, though becomes warm when the young man helps clasp the pendant around her neck. His fleeting touch, the close proximity of their bodies, and the adrenalin still pumping from her fear of being fired, all adds up to a charged moment. She has no doubt Seth's feeling the chemistry, too.

Darla doesn't resist as they suddenly come together in a heated kiss, which soon gives way to both of them peeling each other's clothes off. Consumed by lust and brimming with confidence, Darla takes Seth's cock into her mouth. Once he's ready, she seductively bends over her boss' desk and looks over her shoulder at him, accepting his cock into her pussy. It looks like even after all these years, the job still has its perks.
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