Extra Care


Scene opens on Daniel (Michael Vegas), a clean-cut young man, as he loads some groceries into the trunk of his car. He has just started working for Elder Trust, a non-profit which provides assisted care services to senior citizens. Today, he has been assigned to deliver groceries for Mrs. Hardy (Erica Lauren), a wealthy widower. He drives absent-mindedly to the woman's house.

CUT to inside Mrs. Hardy's living room. The woman is knitting quietly when the doorbell rings. She puts down her bag, stands up with the aid of a cane, and makes her way cautiously to the door as the camera pulls out to reveal her fully. She is wearing fuzzy slippers, a slinky silk robe, and her hair tossed up in a bun. But there is no mistaking how beautiful Mrs. Hardy is ... and her face has been made up to perfection. She opens the door to reveal the handsome man, who steps inside with her groceries and introduces himself. 'Hi, I'm Dan from Elder Trust,' he says professionally. 'I've brought your groceries, ma'am!' She looks him up and down before asking if he'd be willing to put them away. He nods, and she invites him inside, watching him closely as he walks ahead of her and into the kitchen.

CUT to the Kitchen. As he puts the groceries away, Daniel can't help but notice the older woman staring at him. Her eyes seem to devour him, and it makes him a little uncomfortable. Why does he find her so attractive? She could be his grandmother! Mrs. Hardy smalls talks, asking Daniel questions about his job at Elder Trust and his personal life. As she does this, she casually undoes her bun and lets her long blonde hair flow down across her shoulders. This makes Daniel even more uncomfortable. As he finishes, she asks if he'd be willing to help her up to her bedroom ... she always has trouble with the stairs. Despite his creeping attraction, the young man feels a sense of duty and agrees. She holds her hand up and they touch for the time, as he helps her towards the landing.

CUT to the bedroom. Daniel guides the widower over to the bed before backing up. He wipes his sweaty palms across his shirt and asks if she needs anything else. Smiling at him, she puts down her cane and asks if he'd be interested in earning a little extra today. She needs a body massage but her normal caregiver is not available today to assist her. Would Daniel be interested in providing the extra care? She'd make it worth his time! Daniel flushes red. He doesn't know what to say. What does one say in this situation? It's perfectly normal for someone at his workplace to do this ... but he is so attracted to Mrs. Hardy that it feels inappropriate. As he debates internally, Mrs. Hardy begins to undo her robe revealing her beautiful mature naked body. 'You'll be just like grandma's little helper,' she jokes,smiling and motioning for him to take out a bottle of oil from her bedside table. He bites his lip and tries to make an excuse to leave ... but the woman is insistent. 'Please,' she asks. 'I have poor circulation and my massage therapy really helps increase the flow to my limbs.' Daniel stammers that he isn't certified in that kind of care, but he would be happy to phone someone back at the center. 'All I need is a strong young man,' she continues. 'I'm positive you'd do just fine ... and, like I said, I'll make it worth your while, son!' Daniel looks down at the naked woman before him and finally agrees.

As he rubs her down, Mrs. Hardy keeps the small talk going on the surface but uses her body to begin to seduce Daniel. She reacts to every touch and slowly opens up to show more intimate areas of herself, which he, in turn, cannot help but want to touch. After a long slow seduction, the pair can no longer hide their sexual tension as Mrs. Hardy starts to rub Daniel's half-erect penis through his pants and then take it out to put in her mouth.
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