Our Family Tradition


Scarlett Sage is unwinding after spending her 18th birthday with her amazing family. As she tidies up around the house, she's lovingly watched over by her step-grandmother, Nina Hartley, and step-mother, Dee Williams.

Nina and Dee both think the world of Scarlett, filled with nothing but pride for the beautiful woman she's become. Yet, the loving gaze soon turns more lustful as the air charges between Nina and Dee. They've been waiting a long time for this day, after all, and now it's finally here!

Nina and Dee work together and pull Scarlett away from the tidying, sweetly sitting her down between them on the couch. Now that everyone's gone home, it's time for them to give Scarlett a special gift. It's one that's been passed down through generations, from step-mother to step-daughter, and now it's Scarlett's time to be part of the tradition.

Scarlett is curious, though it doesn't take much more prodding before Nina and Dee reveal that they want to give her a sensual experience for her birthday. As a young woman, it's important that she knows how to please herself, and the mature women want to teach her the skills to succeed!

When Nina's hand brushes back her hair, Scarlett is hooked. It doesn't take too long before she relaxes, letting her loving family prepare her for the next exciting stage of her life.

Story inspired by an original submission by Adult Time member, PJFearless!
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